Testimonial Photoshooting

Testimonial Fotoshooting

Recently Regina Halmich was with us for a photo shoot in the Berlin studio. It wasn't the first time that we had world champions in front of the camera for our customers SportSpar...

Jetski Aerial Video

Jetski Drohnenaufnahme

We always wanted to produce a jet ski drone video. Filming a jet ski or motorboat with a drone is of course a very special pleasure...

Luca-App for Photographers


All professional photographers want to realize safe photo productions. Corona hygiene measures such as regular hand washing, keeping your distance...

Video Showreel

We produce videos for companies, agencies and brands. In this showreel we present a few selected projects.

VGH Advertising Campaign


For the new VGH bicycle insurance campaign, we took professional photo and video recordings of high-quality bicycles.

Fashion Photography & Video


We took fashion shots in the new studio in Berlin. We captured our stylist’s unique fashion in photos and videos.

Live Stream is really 2021

Livestream Produktion

It was with great pleasure that we realized the Bauwelt Congress 2020 Digital. The Bauwelt Congress is the most important event for architects in Germany. We have…

What does an advertising photographer do?

Was macht ein Werbefotograf?

An advertising photographer takes professional photos for advertising purposes. The advertising photographer plans and realizes photo shoots in which products, people or services are presented. He is very knowledgeable about lighting and the optimal illumination of objects and people.

Video Shoot Amazon Prime


CONTENT PRODUKTION BERLIN Videodreh & Fotoshootings für Amazon Prime Eine Videoproduktion für Amazon zu organisieren war für uns eine interessante Herausforderung. Die Aufgabe bestand darin, die Aufmerksamkeit für den Amazon Prime Day zu steigern. Die Agentur hat überdimensionale Papiertüten anfertigen lassen, die von jungen Promotern getragen wurden. Daraus sollten wir irgendetwas machen. Mal eben schnell. […]