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Fashion-Designer: Michelle Erdmann
Models: Aaron Broß & Lisa Krause
Visagistin: Virginia Grigull
Styling assistence: Sabine Erdmann
Music: Black Skies from Yali Blank
Production: GRAND VISIONS, Berlin

Between bio-plastic and concrete shoes

At the beginning of this month we lit up our new studio on Hermannplatz orange with a special project. Michelle - our trusted stylist - who has supported us on numerous projects, needed photos and video footage of her latest outfits. We didn't miss the opportunity and, as is so often the case, when you have free rein as a photographer and videographer, fantastic shots are created in which you can almost feel the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved.

It wasn't just the setting that was unconventional - the outfits were also full of surprises: accessories and shoes made from concrete and a kimono made from self-made organic plastic. A lot of work and attention to detail went into these garments. We brought just as much energy and motivation to the production of the photos. And it was worth it!


These photo & video recordings were only possible with the help of a fantastic team who were fully committed to the project.

We really enjoyed working with Michelle, models Lisa and Aaron, make-up artist Virginia and styling assistant Sabine and look forward to many more projects like this!