Guido Maria Kretschmer – Photo shoot & video shoot in Hamburg


Customers: Gabo und Erismann & Cie. GmbH
Services: Consulting, lighting, video production, lighting, camera and sound technology, post-production incl. retouching & composing, video editing & sound

Photo shoot & video shoot in Hamburg – A cooperation with Gabo & Erismann

The photo shoot and video shoot in Hamburg were directed by Gabo and our customer Erismann. Before and during production, our task was to provide conceptual and technical advice, as well as the entire technical implementation of the video production. 

Likewise, the complete post-production with some complex retouching and composing, as well as the video editing of several videos, was entirely our responsibility. 

The Erismann & Cie. GmbH with over 180 years of company history, is one of the most traditional wallpaper companies in Germany. The well-known designer Guido Maria Kretschmer designed the special series “Art Edition” in cooperation with Erismann. 

Of course, in order to promote the wallpaper collection, photos and videos must be produced. The Hamburg studio offered the optimal conditions for the photo shoot and video shoot.

The concept was to show Guido in different rooms that were decorated with his wallpaper. As the room images already existed, Guido had to be photographed in such a way that he could be realistically inserted into the room in post-production. It was crucial to match the lighting situation of the room with that of Guido so that it would look as if Guido had actually been photographed directly in the rooms with the wallpaper.

The particular challenge was to adapt the lighting to the room template on the one hand, but also to design it in such a way that it met the photographer's artistic requirements on the other.

Post-production is an essential part of our work. In our Berlin studio, we primarily retouch our own work, but we are also increasingly editing photographs for our colleagues. 

Das Videoediting findet ebenfalls bei uns in Berlin statt, mit modernsten Schnittplätzen und Tools schneiden, vertonen und animieren wir unser eigenes Videomaterial genau so wie Fremdmaterial. 

If you would like to outsource your post-production, please get in touch - preferably right away.

Pro tip:
When compositing (combining elements from different shots), it is of crucial importance that the perspective, camera height, focal length, distance to the object and, in particular, the light match the other motif as precisely as possible. 

Composing 1 – Guido in the bedroom

Composing 2 – Guido in the open kitchen

Video production with Guido in front of a green screen

Play Video about Video-Vorschaubild

Behind the Scenes – photo shoot & video shoot Hamburg

Digital assistant with mobile workstation


Daylight photo studio in Hamburg

A little insight into the shooting with Gabo