Sony Alpha Days

Video shooting & photo shooting – A cooperation with Sony Germany

Customers: Sony Germany
Services: Consulting, conception, lighting, video production, lighting & camera technology, post-production, retouching & composing, video editing & color grading

When we were asked a few weeks ago whether we wanted to take part in Sony Alpha Days, we didn't hesitate for a second to say yes. We were offered the officers' house, a so-called "lost place", as a location. After visiting the location, it was clear that you could definitely do something great here. 

The Sony Alpha Days are all about giving ambitious amateur photographers tips and showing them how professional photographers work. In this case, Franzi and Martin were asked to create a concept in which we explain how we film and photograph with the Sony cameras. 

We thought that a dancer on stage would certainly be great to showcase. We wanted to have the dancer dance in a hard beam of light and use some fog to create atmospheric shots. We were able to recruit the wonderful dancer Greta Giorgi, who presented an incredibly beautiful dance performance in the freezing cold. 

The video you can see below was actually shot in just under 30 minutes, while we were accompanied live by the Sony team with the camera and explained to the viewers what we pay attention to when filming. 

Interactive Photo

For the photo shoot, we wanted to place the dancer in the middle aisle of the hall to show that the room has more to offer than just the stage. A “normal” portrait shoot was a bit too boring for us. That's why we decided on an interactive photo. Here, as a viewer, you can control the light yourself using the mouse or your finger on your smartphone.

We had 25 studio flashes and several hundred meters of cable pulled through the entire building. The preparation time for the entire production, including personnel and equipment planning as well as assembly and dismantling, was approximately 4 days in total. However, creating the photo only took 2 seconds.

But the spectacular photo reflects the effort that actually went into it. Do you want to try out the interactive photo yourself?

👉👉👉 CLICK HEREto get to the interactive photo.

At this point we would like to thank the entire Sony team & Christian Laxander, as well as our great employees: Franziska Sommer, Jana Schwarz, Vincent van Zwoll, Simon Salzig, Martin Hoppe and especially the enchanting dancer Greta Giorgi!

Be sure to watch the recording of our Alpha Day and see how we came to these results.