DIOR – Timelapse-Video

Timelapse video for DIOR at KaDeWe Berlin

It fills us with great pleasure that we have been able to count the Media Brennt agency among our valued customers for over a year. 

We recently had the opportunity to realize another project: a timelapse video for the renowned label DIOR. Within a single night, the entire shop window in front of KaDeWe was replaced. We have immortalized this impressive process in a high-quality timelapse video. Our fantastic Franzi spent a whole long night with a total of 17 hours at KaDeWe and made sure that the camera was perfectly exposed.

When making timelapse videos, it is crucial that the camera is positioned securely on a tripod and remains steady throughout the recording time. Of course, a constant power supply and sufficient storage space are also of utmost importance.

Since the timelapse video was recorded at different times of the day and in changing lighting conditions, particular emphasis was placed on harmonious transitions in post-production. In order to guarantee a flawless final result, we carefully retouched and optimized the final image so that it shines in its best light.

Which impressive timelapse video can we create for you?

Media Brennt, DIOR

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