Live Stream production for IBMiX

Customer: IBMiX
Services: Live stream production, catering & props
Studio: Spreegraphen Studios, Berlin

Livestream production in the Berlin studio

We realized another live stream production for our customer IBMiX. We rented the Spreegraphen Studios for this purpose. We set up there for several days and rehearsed intensively. The presentations and processes continued to improve during rehearsals.

This helped all participants to take away their initial nervousness. The live stream lasted about an hour, during which questions from participants could be answered interactively by the speakers. We took over the entire technical planning and production and were able to contribute to a successful live stream. 

Livestream Produktion Berlin
Livestream Produktion Berlin
Livestream Produktion Berlin

We have been implementing extensive livestream productions for many years in Berlin and elsewhere. People often believe that you can create a live stream with a camera and a computer. Unfortunately, that is a bit too short-sighted. If you want to appear professional and have high expectations of your own performance, you should choose a partner for the live stream who pursues the same goals.

We can say for ourselves that we aim to create a perfect live stream. In addition to high-resolution cameras and optimal lighting, this also includes perfect sound.

We offer complete productions from the first consultation to the successful live stream: location scouting, set design, camera and sound technology, lighting technology and intensive advice are part of our good service.

A professional live stream should offer extensive functions. For us, connecting external speakers, answering questions from viewers and extensive support for speakers before a live stream are just as much a part of it as organizing make-up artists and, last but not least, delicious catering 😋.  

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