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Luckily we always have something going on. That's why we have a lot to tell. Here we keep you up to date and present you with current and past projects. In addition, you can find out everything about new and exciting possibilities for visual content production. Click through and get inspired!

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GRAND Präsentation

Endlich haben wir es geschafft, all unsere Leistungen in einer neuen Broschüre darzustellen. Einige unserer Kund:innen wissen nämlich gar nicht, wie umfangreich unsere Leistungen im Bereich der Fotografie und Videoproduktion sind.

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Livestream Produktion

Live Stream Production

We realized another live stream production for our customer IBMiX. We rented the Spreegraphen Studios for this purpose. We set up there for several days and rehearsed intensively. The presentations and processes continued to improve during rehearsals.

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Sony_Alpha Days

Sony Alpha Days

The Sony Alpha Days are all about giving ambitious amateur photographers tips and showing them how professional photographers work. In this case, Franzi and Martin were asked to create a concept in which we explain how we film and photograph with the Sony cameras.

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Guido Maria Kretschmer

The photo shoot and video shoot in Hamburg were directed by Gabo and our customer Erismann. Before and during production, our task was to provide conceptual and technical advice, as well as the entire technical implementation of the video production.

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Content Production Berlin

This content production was about depicting different everyday situations in nature for the image pool of a real estate company. The location was Kastanien Boulevard in Berlin Hellersdorf.

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Fashion Photography from Berlin

Fashion photography is always a lot of fun for us. We often work as a team and this time we had support from the wonderful Franziska Sommer for the make-up. The kimonos and underwear came from the label “Anekdot”, who produce each item by hand right next to our studio.

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Testimonial Fotoshooting

Testimonial Photoshooting

Recently Regina Halmich was with us for a photo shoot in the Berlin studio. It wasn't the first time that we had world champions in front of the camera for our customers SportSpar...

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Was macht ein Werbefotograf?

What does an advertising photographer do?

An advertising photographer takes professional photos for advertising purposes. The advertising photographer plans and realizes photo shoots in which products, people or services are presented. He is very knowledgeable about lighting and the optimal illumination of objects and people.

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YouTube Making of

YouTube Channel

Photography is diverse and photographers deal with photographic challenges in very different ways. We want to show how professional photographers actually work and have launched a YouTube project for this purpose.

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